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  • Four-day Part 61 Accelerated Commercial Multi-Engine Additional Class Rating Course

  • Ideal for MEL ATP Candidates

  • Two 285-horsepower high-performance BE-58 Barons

  • In-house maintenance facility

  • Flight instructors available to assist pilot candidates prepping for the FAA ATP Practical Test

    • Three hours of instruction in the Redbird LD Advanced Aviation Training Device

    • Six hours of flight training in the BE-58

  • Total estimated cost of $3,800 (Excludes FAA Practical Test)

DAY ONE                          DAY TWO                      DAY THREE                     DAY FOUR    Gnd Instruction - 2 Hrs      AATD - 1.5 Hours          BE-58 Flight 2.0 Hours       FAA Check         AATD - 1.5 Hours              BE-58 Flight 2.0 Hours  Oral Prep - 1 Hour                                     BE-58 Flight 2.0 Hours       Oral Prep - 1 Hour

Department of Veteran Affairs-approved Part 141 Commercial Multi-Engine Land Class Rating course for those veterans and military pilots interested in using their VA benefits.